Monday, 28 November 2011

Alien stash tin Live @ springardens 26/11/2011

I headed to the gig which frankly was in the middle of no where with great expectation to see this up and coming band. Loads of my friends talked about their comical/sarcastic lyrics and the insanity in their music.

The opening band named Forgery lit was described as a mysterious indie band.After a couple tracks I noticed that their genre was more Ska rather than indie but never the less pretty good. The vocals where powerful but the band seemed to lack energy as there was no try for crowd involvement. A band I would like to see again in the future and see progress.

The support band named Poodles of Doom was defo something I was looking forward to hear. The name intrigued me from the very start. My mind was blown as they where above any expectation I had. I could ramble on and on but I wanna see them again as soon as and I became their fan almost instantly.

Now the headliner Alien Stash Tin. I chuckled as they came onstage in their hilarious outfits. I specially liked the moving alien figure on the bass drum. In the sight of their hilarious costumes I wondered if I could overlook their appearance to listen to their music. Answer, yes I can. The mix of sarcasm and good music drew me in as I found myself entertained yet felt like I knew what they where talking about. I recommend this band and would see them again as soon as I can. John Wisbey is a charismatic front man that knows how to make you feel as excited as a preschooler during xmas!

Alien stash tin
Poodles of Doom
Forgery Lit

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