Monday, 7 May 2012

Twisted delusions 21st April @The Gryphon

Here we go... Twisted Delusions.... a 3 day event, 25 bands and a weekend full of madness all crammed in one review... Let the insanity begin...... 

Day TWO 21st April @ The Gryphon

Adam Feasy and The Hellcats 

Nice little band. I would describe them as bohemian hard rock. Trad rock lyrics, metal melodies bohemian look. On first sight you think they are about to pass out from the boozy night before but no. They got onstage and started playing their catchy rock/metal songs that makes you think about them. After the first song you don't care that their clothes look like they haven't seen a washing machine since they were created or that they dont have fancy equipment thats gonna make your jaw drop cause the only thing that matters is that you are headbanging without knowing. I will defo see them again after Adam had a shower first...

Throne of Demise

Melodic metal band from Weston. Nice catchy tunes , sweet guitar riffs from an upcoming young band. The seem to have good chemistry onstage and be crowd pleasers. Not bad from a band that started as a collegeband for the laughs.I look forward to seeing them grow..

Roads To Nowhere

Or where the f**k did that voice come from? A band that really suprised me. No offence to the band but I expected some cute love metal band to sing about emotions not a girl with the voice of a trucker screaming your eardrums to their oblivion!! Amazing grindcore 5 piece metal band from Cheppenham. From the screamo vocals of Lauren to the loud drums ,steady bass and fast guitars this is mosh pit heaven. Im absolutely dumstruck by this young band (I swear im not thaat old sniff sniff) and their talent. They competed for Surface Unsigned resently and they are doing so well. I bet my beautiful Epiphone Casino that this band is gonna go very far.. (proudly shows off band's t-shirt) 


Another great young metal band from Chippenham (is there something special in the water?).This metalcore band were there to impress and impress they did. The took the already risen bar and pushed it even further. From a guy hitting his head repeatedly to the wall to the sea of headbanging heads this bands doesn't need more proof of their awesomeness . Great vocals from Alex and specially liked the really loud (i mean really really really loud) drumming from Will. Even though I swore I was done headbanging after the previous band a concoction seemed worth it for this kick ass band. I wanna see them again . NOW! Make it happen!

Twisted Delusions 20th of April @The Gryphon

Here we go... Twisted Delusions.... a 3 day event, 25 bands and a weekend full of madness all crammed in one review... Let the insanity begin......
Day ONE 20th Of April


Wow! What a band... This 4 piece harcode metal band from Bristol definatly knows how to get a room headbanging...From Scoots loud voice and Remi's fast guitaring they are a great example of hardocre metal. Loud, fast, energetic non stop headbang material.. A band I absolutely recommend if you wanna punish your neck with a good nights headbanging..

Hell's Horses

Where do I start with Hell's Horses? From  their fans feeding Durs (the vocalist) sugar cubes n carrots to pretty much all their tracks being about horses/stables what u see is what u get with this band. In my opinion a comical great hard rock band. I would recommend them if you are out for a laugh , wrong choice if you are looking for a serious band with meaningful lyrics..

Alien Stash Tin

This is the fourth time I caught myself watching this hilariously dressed trad rock band. If you read any of my previous reviews you would know by now that you have to see this band at least once if only to see John's (vocalist) epic druid beard and have him yell at you like a mental patient about aliens stalking you at night. My personal favorite song of this band is Rachael which they were kind enough to play after request. I consider this band personal friends of mine and if I was you I would bring clean underwear to their gigs as either you gonna piss yourself laughing from their insanity or shit yourself about some of the things they sing about...Their music quality is very good considering they are more a comical band. I will see them again n again as I can't get enough of their boogie down melodies and im still investigating the possibility of a Lithuanian family living in Johns epic beard...

Mad Hatter 2.0 

(looks scared over shoulder)
Even the typing of their name will send cold sweats down my back.... In first sight they look like the kind of people that would beat you up in cheap bars and steal your booze n women but once you start listening to their songs you realize they don't have time for small people like you , they are out to change the world...with violence. No, love didn't seem to work for this band so they chose to take over your mind,ears,eyes f**k even take over your nose if they can. Mark (vocalist) will scream his way into your brain and his voice will haunt your darkest dreams. If you come to join them he will salute you if you come looking for blood that's exactly what you are gonna get.Their best track E.M.T in my opinion.They are loud,fast,violent and sexy (if you are into sweaty angry metal heads that is). Go see them I promise you they will not dissapoint....

PS. on a personal note the members of mad hatter might look angry n violent but once they stepped of stage they were the nicest most polite people ive met in a long time...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Help For Heroes Metal Fest @The Thunderbolt 13/11/2011

I woke up on Tuesday morning with great expectation of the night ahead. The mighty Cruelty Circuit who never seem to disappoint me where gonna play sort of a member...Hmmm could this be the first time that this energetic band was gonna have a bad show or are they gonna pull through proving they are worthy of glory ?

First band on starting this crazy maniac of a night was Cernunnos the self proclaimed bringers of doom. I was suprised how clear the vocals where considering they are a heavy doom metal band. Even though there where problems with the bass amp they pulled through and had a good show. During one of their tracks "Mistress of Destruction" an emo/scene kid left for the toilets petrified which in my personal opinion was quite a funny sight so see. A band i've seen before in the summer time , impressed with the quality of their gig despite the problems ( It wasn't as good as it would be if the right equipment was present).

Second band on punk band Filthy Rich and the Catflaps in their debut show. A vocalist that was very energetic and kept involving the crowd in their songs and conversation. I found interesting that he passed to the crowd 3 bottles of buckfast to drink right before their song "Buckfast". For a band that had their first gig tonight they had allot of followers which impresses me. I will defo follow this band as im curious if they can top tonight's performance. 

Next band on Depths. I found this band very different sounding but somehow no matter how good they were I couldn't get past their young age. It made me think about youth today being so angry from such an early age. The bas player kept jumping around but not making any significant mistakes (once his hand slipped but the kid was jumping like the floor was on fire). Very committed to their style of music , entertaining considering im not a big fan of hardcore. I would most likely see them again a couple months down the line even if it's just to see how the band matured musically and physically. 

The co headliner Foreign Legion takes the stage. First track on the lead singer promps the corwd to jump. Which we did. Then he jumped. We all jumped. Then it got serious. It was clear to me this band is not here to entertain us it's here to change the world one song at a time. I specially liked their final song about a homeless kid with a dig at Cameron that led to many middle fingers to raise in the air. They are already an established band so I don't think they need my support but they got it anyways so roll on the next Legion gig!! 

The headliner comes on stage.Cruelty Circuit the infamous King Kong of metal . Vocalist Amer Shihab addresses the crowd asking "are you ready"?? Before a massive scream that felt like a concord lander right next to my right ear. The guy went mental (in a good way) beating him self up, headbutting the floor while screaming so loud I thought his lung was gonna come out of his nostrils. The guitar player Billy Turner headbangs faster than Blackie Lawless in the good days and doesn't miss a note. The drummer Ant Rae reminds me of Dave Grohl, loud drummer,long hair in the way of his face. This band was amazing!!! Even with a member ill they pulled it off fantastically. I was standing there in complete awe in front of one of the best local bands ive seen in my life. I bet you my left ball (if I had any) this band will make it big. I want to see them again live as soon as possible.
Links to the bands..... 


Filthy Rich and the Catflaps 


Foreign Legion 

Cruelty Circuit 

Special metal horns to Apriil Sharp who came up with the idea of this gig and to New Revolution Music for their backing of the show!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Alien stash tin Live @ springardens 26/11/2011

I headed to the gig which frankly was in the middle of no where with great expectation to see this up and coming band. Loads of my friends talked about their comical/sarcastic lyrics and the insanity in their music.

The opening band named Forgery lit was described as a mysterious indie band.After a couple tracks I noticed that their genre was more Ska rather than indie but never the less pretty good. The vocals where powerful but the band seemed to lack energy as there was no try for crowd involvement. A band I would like to see again in the future and see progress.

The support band named Poodles of Doom was defo something I was looking forward to hear. The name intrigued me from the very start. My mind was blown as they where above any expectation I had. I could ramble on and on but I wanna see them again as soon as and I became their fan almost instantly.

Now the headliner Alien Stash Tin. I chuckled as they came onstage in their hilarious outfits. I specially liked the moving alien figure on the bass drum. In the sight of their hilarious costumes I wondered if I could overlook their appearance to listen to their music. Answer, yes I can. The mix of sarcasm and good music drew me in as I found myself entertained yet felt like I knew what they where talking about. I recommend this band and would see them again as soon as I can. John Wisbey is a charismatic front man that knows how to make you feel as excited as a preschooler during xmas!

Alien stash tin
Poodles of Doom
Forgery Lit