Monday, 7 May 2012

Twisted delusions 21st April @The Gryphon

Here we go... Twisted Delusions.... a 3 day event, 25 bands and a weekend full of madness all crammed in one review... Let the insanity begin...... 

Day TWO 21st April @ The Gryphon

Adam Feasy and The Hellcats 

Nice little band. I would describe them as bohemian hard rock. Trad rock lyrics, metal melodies bohemian look. On first sight you think they are about to pass out from the boozy night before but no. They got onstage and started playing their catchy rock/metal songs that makes you think about them. After the first song you don't care that their clothes look like they haven't seen a washing machine since they were created or that they dont have fancy equipment thats gonna make your jaw drop cause the only thing that matters is that you are headbanging without knowing. I will defo see them again after Adam had a shower first...

Throne of Demise

Melodic metal band from Weston. Nice catchy tunes , sweet guitar riffs from an upcoming young band. The seem to have good chemistry onstage and be crowd pleasers. Not bad from a band that started as a collegeband for the laughs.I look forward to seeing them grow..

Roads To Nowhere

Or where the f**k did that voice come from? A band that really suprised me. No offence to the band but I expected some cute love metal band to sing about emotions not a girl with the voice of a trucker screaming your eardrums to their oblivion!! Amazing grindcore 5 piece metal band from Cheppenham. From the screamo vocals of Lauren to the loud drums ,steady bass and fast guitars this is mosh pit heaven. Im absolutely dumstruck by this young band (I swear im not thaat old sniff sniff) and their talent. They competed for Surface Unsigned resently and they are doing so well. I bet my beautiful Epiphone Casino that this band is gonna go very far.. (proudly shows off band's t-shirt) 


Another great young metal band from Chippenham (is there something special in the water?).This metalcore band were there to impress and impress they did. The took the already risen bar and pushed it even further. From a guy hitting his head repeatedly to the wall to the sea of headbanging heads this bands doesn't need more proof of their awesomeness . Great vocals from Alex and specially liked the really loud (i mean really really really loud) drumming from Will. Even though I swore I was done headbanging after the previous band a concoction seemed worth it for this kick ass band. I wanna see them again . NOW! Make it happen!

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