Monday, 7 May 2012

Twisted Delusions 20th of April @The Gryphon

Here we go... Twisted Delusions.... a 3 day event, 25 bands and a weekend full of madness all crammed in one review... Let the insanity begin......
Day ONE 20th Of April


Wow! What a band... This 4 piece harcode metal band from Bristol definatly knows how to get a room headbanging...From Scoots loud voice and Remi's fast guitaring they are a great example of hardocre metal. Loud, fast, energetic non stop headbang material.. A band I absolutely recommend if you wanna punish your neck with a good nights headbanging..

Hell's Horses

Where do I start with Hell's Horses? From  their fans feeding Durs (the vocalist) sugar cubes n carrots to pretty much all their tracks being about horses/stables what u see is what u get with this band. In my opinion a comical great hard rock band. I would recommend them if you are out for a laugh , wrong choice if you are looking for a serious band with meaningful lyrics..

Alien Stash Tin

This is the fourth time I caught myself watching this hilariously dressed trad rock band. If you read any of my previous reviews you would know by now that you have to see this band at least once if only to see John's (vocalist) epic druid beard and have him yell at you like a mental patient about aliens stalking you at night. My personal favorite song of this band is Rachael which they were kind enough to play after request. I consider this band personal friends of mine and if I was you I would bring clean underwear to their gigs as either you gonna piss yourself laughing from their insanity or shit yourself about some of the things they sing about...Their music quality is very good considering they are more a comical band. I will see them again n again as I can't get enough of their boogie down melodies and im still investigating the possibility of a Lithuanian family living in Johns epic beard...

Mad Hatter 2.0 

(looks scared over shoulder)
Even the typing of their name will send cold sweats down my back.... In first sight they look like the kind of people that would beat you up in cheap bars and steal your booze n women but once you start listening to their songs you realize they don't have time for small people like you , they are out to change the world...with violence. No, love didn't seem to work for this band so they chose to take over your mind,ears,eyes f**k even take over your nose if they can. Mark (vocalist) will scream his way into your brain and his voice will haunt your darkest dreams. If you come to join them he will salute you if you come looking for blood that's exactly what you are gonna get.Their best track E.M.T in my opinion.They are loud,fast,violent and sexy (if you are into sweaty angry metal heads that is). Go see them I promise you they will not dissapoint....

PS. on a personal note the members of mad hatter might look angry n violent but once they stepped of stage they were the nicest most polite people ive met in a long time...

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  1. Good write up of a good night, and Yup EMT is Mad Hatters best track by far